Archive | March 28, 2016

Microblog Mondays – March break

After many years of talking about going on vacation together, my friend and I finally got our kids and packed up to go on a little getaway.  Sans husbands as they were working, but we managed it just fine thank you.  It’s a lot easier since our  kids are now 6 years old.  We went to a suite rental on the Sunshine Coast.  We shared a kitchen and – 2 bottles of wine per night – while the kids played together happily in the bedrooms.   They get along so well!  There was a hot tub that the kids pretty much pretended was a pool (no dunking allowed but there was a lot of splashing) and we also managed get in a small hike.  The first night we drove to a nearby town for sushi run by Buddhist friends of ours.  It was great we could make it out to the restaurant to support them.  Luckily, the food was wonderful.  Great sushi!  The second night, my girlfriend made gluten free pasta salad with BBQ free range chicken.  Yummy.  I have to say we could have used one more day but it was great that we could get away all together at all.  Made me realize just how badly I needed to get away.  Of course, we stayed up late, drank wine and chatted about everything.  And of course, the kids got us up early.  Ugh!  So no naps for the wicked.

Friday night we went to the Canada/Mexico soccer game.   It was a lot of fun!  The crowd atmosphere was amazing!  Hubby’s old soccer team organized the outing for the families and kids, but unfortunately he couldn’t go because he had to work. Poor guy hasn’t had a day off in weeks.  He did manage to make it for one day on the island with his parents for Easter weekend.  However, he was operating with only a couple hours of sleep.  His 50th birthday is coming up soon and though I’ve asked him what he would like to do, I’m afraid that  even 1 day away is going to be impossible.  This is what happens when you’re self employed – you gotta take the work when you can.   And you know what he really wants?  Motorcycle driving lessons?!!!  At least he has great life insurance.

Ah, it’s back to the usual routine tomorrow.  Gotta give my liver a break. Reality awaits.  My shoulder is not getting better and I’ve got to deal with that as well.