Microblog Mondays – TMI

I do believe I missed a period.  That has not happened in over 20 years.  Don’t hold your breath, it’s not that kind of moment.  It’s another kind of milestone.  The one when you realize that your so called childbearing years are behind you and your ovaries are winding down…..to the place where your estrogen takes a  nosedive and you have no sex drive and you want to verbally assault anyone who pisses you off.   I can now see why women of a certain age get stereotyped.

I have flashes of memories as a teenager when I unexpectedly found suppositories under the bathroom sink  and wondered what they were for.  Well, now I know.  Vaginal estrogen – yipee!  Fun times.  I’m going to see my naturopath to investigate further what I might do about my nether regions going on strike.  My doctor says I should make friends with my vagina.  I don’t see why, though, she’s been a bitch to me for years.

10 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – TMI

  1. I probably would have punched my doc if he had said something like that to me! Lol

    I feel your pain… my periods have been very irregular for two years, and the hot flashes have gotten to the point that I can’t cope anymore. And yes, I’m a total bitch at times. Much to my dismay, I just started taking transdermal estrogen. I always swore I would let menopause proceed naturally, but I never expected the symptoms to get so severe at such a young age- I’m only 43. Ugh. I’ll be really curious to hear what your naturopath says. I’ve tried absolutely everything I could think of before starting the estrogen, and nothing worked. Hopefully you can find some answers!

  2. My periods have always been irregular and it sucks. Yeah, I have no interest in “making friends” with my ovaries or uterus…I would have slapped my doc! At the age of 39, I’ve started to talk to the women in my family about “the change”…statistically speaking, I’ve got at least another 5-10 years before things get bad…but then it’s going to get bad. YAY for changing bodies…NOT!

  3. Oh wow, I laughed so hard at your last couple lines… “Make friends with your vagina?” Yikes. Although, I have to say that my vagina itself hasn’t been as much as a bitch to me as my cervix, uterus, tubes, ovaries… basically the whole rest of the system. The vagina gets off scot free. Well, I guess you are on your way to period freedom, which is something I’ve looked forward to since I was 18, wishing we could just have an “I’m ready for a baby” button to press and just get that sucker when it’s needed and keep it away elsewhere. I second that now that my period means absolutely nothing. I hope your naturopath finds you good solutions for the estrogen drop and accompanying vaginal evils and irritability. It will be an interesting adventure, although maybe that’s just as bad as saying “Make friends with your vagina…” 🙂

  4. Snorted tea all over, reading that ending… Hugs to you, dear. I hope things get easier soon. I wish I had something else better to say, but I am not able to find anything at the moment. So, sending more hugs and positive vibes your way.

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