Archive | April 11, 2016

Microblog Mondays – Stuff

I wish I had something more interesting to tell you, but alas, I do not.  I caught a bad cold last week and now I have that lovely persistent cough that robs me of sleep and sanity.   I’ve finally been appointed administrator of my mother’s estate and so I am now waiting for a package of paperwork to arrive.

In the meanwhile, I have to get the sorted out junk removed from said locker (which is costing over $300 a month) – and what the heck do I do with the piano that is there?  I really don’t have room for it in our home.  Well, not without any severe rearranging.  The only thing I could do is put it in the outside shed, but that would be horrible for a piano.  I’ve asked friends if they would like to keep it their home (for music lessons for their kids perhaps) but there have been no takers.  I do want to keep it as oppose to donate it, but don’t have plans for music lessons for either the kid or myself.  Any other suggestions?