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I wish I had something more interesting to tell you, but alas, I do not.  I caught a bad cold last week and now I have that lovely persistent cough that robs me of sleep and sanity.   I’ve finally been appointed administrator of my mother’s estate and so I am now waiting for a package of paperwork to arrive.

In the meanwhile, I have to get the sorted out junk removed from said locker (which is costing over $300 a month) – and what the heck do I do with the piano that is there?  I really don’t have room for it in our home.  Well, not without any severe rearranging.  The only thing I could do is put it in the outside shed, but that would be horrible for a piano.  I’ve asked friends if they would like to keep it their home (for music lessons for their kids perhaps) but there have been no takers.  I do want to keep it as oppose to donate it, but don’t have plans for music lessons for either the kid or myself.  Any other suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Stuff

  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better! A persistent cough is awful, hurts your whole body and then the no sleep just magnifies it all. Is there a place you could donate the piano that would give it a good, useful life? Like a school or an after school teen thing or community center that might be able to use it? I hope you can find a good place for it and the locker sorting can come to an end.

  2. You may want to call up a local music shop and ask their advice for where to loan a piano. Our local music shop operates a program that ‘links’ kids with instruments (L.I.N.K. – Lonely Instruments Need Kids).

  3. That is really hard since most places that would store it for you (beyond friends) would be looking at it as a donation so they don’t have the responsibility for the instrument. Maybe do the rearranging OR take photos of it so you can remember every inch of it, and let it go to a good home.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. All of the above are great ideas… I went through a similar experience. My mother left me her fur coat. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it, but it’s a valuable item that could really do someone good… but I didn’t want to give it away either because my mother wore it every winter and I didn’t have much else to remember her by. So it still hangs in my closet… 29 years later… Not following my own advice, I would tell you… If you’re not really emotionally attached to it… do what the others have said: Find a music school or community center or child prodigy… anybody who can’t readily go out and buy a piano… What a gift to do for someone else… from your Mom to someone via you…

  5. Oh, the loan of a piano from your earlier commenter is a great idea! I have my great-grandmother’s piano. Fortunately we have space, but it doesn’t go with our decor. I wish I lived close to you – I’d teach the kid! (And you if you wanted.) Unfortunately, the Pacific Ocean is in the way!

  6. Don’t know if you’ve resolved this yet, but good luck to you. I just went through something similar with my own piano, from growing up — I knew we wouldn’t have room for it in the condo. 😦 As I was just starting to think about this, my cousin’s wife (two towns over) posted thanks to a friend who had just given them THEIR piano for the kids. I wish I had known they’d wanted one; I would have much preferred to give it to them. We wound up asking the people who bought our house if they’d like to have it (they had two little girls) and they did, so we just left it there for them. I just wish they’d turned out to be nicer people, though. :p

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