Microblog Mondays – A Change

Microblog_MondaysFor someone who doesn’t have a paid f/t time job, I can keep awfully busy.  I spent Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday participating in the Performer’s Mastery. (And exhausted I went to a Buddhist meeting.  I just needed that charge to finish off my journey.)  I did it 15 years ago and this past weekend, I did it again.   I’m really grateful I took the time to do this for myself.  It was just what I needed.  It’s kind of a hard thing to describe and it’s one of those if I told you, I’d have to kill you kind of experiences.  But I will tell you one thing.  It actually dawned on me that I’m a whole other person than when I participated the first time.  So being disappointed that I don’t look like my old headshots anymore is really ridiculous.  So I’m adding getting new photos to my to do list.  (Instead of talking about getting new photos all the time cause apparently I’ve been thinking I’m going to change back to the person I used to be. Hahahahah.)

Lots of things going on, but I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – A Change

  1. That sounds like an amazing day, if exhausting. I love your thoughts on the headshots — honoring the person you are now instead of looking back at the woman you were before. (I am memorialized in every middle school yearbook and a godawful poster on the wall in the main hallway of my school, and so my younger self haunts me constantly. I get to see which haircuts work and which don’t, though… and hope that one day I learn to prepare better for picture day.) I hope your new headshots are amazing, and the effects of this day keep on spilling over!

  2. That sounds intense — 30 hours over 3 days. I’m laughing at the head shot comment because getting a new head shot has been on my to-do list forever. But then I think, “Oh, do I really not look like that anymore?” As if I haven’t aged almost 10 years.

  3. You’ve inspired me — I’ve been putting off getting some nice photos done of dh & me for eons… I thought I’d do it for our 25th anniversary & it never got done, and then I thought 30th, ditto. Methinks I should just stop waiting for an anniversary divisible by 5 or a special occasion, & just get it done. 😉 We are certainly not the people we were the last time we had professional photos done (20th anniversary, and I never particularly liked those anyway, lol).

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