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Microblog Mondays – Beauty is $$$

Microblog_MondaysYours truly has been nominated for a Leo Award for Best Actress in a Web Series!  How exciting!  The  Leos are a BC industry event, it’s not televised, but it’s still a big deal.  It’s great to be acknowledged by one’s peers. At first, I was really pleased and I adored the congratulations. And now, I’m  a bit stressed out.

I recently had my hair done (in a weave), and unfortunately I’m not too happy about the result (in hopes of getting new headshots). And yes,  it’s my fault cause I told her I wanted my hair left out at the front but she left a LOT OUT and she insisted it would look good and I could wear my hair up, but my hair is quite thin and it’s not even close to the picture I showed her.   I returned to the hairdresser the day of the shoot to see if she could fix it but really, she’d have to redo the whole thing and frankly, I’m out of money. The hairdresser on set made me look really good, but I shouldn’t have to work that hard every time I leave the house.  And I don’t normally, but at an industry event, there will be bright, unforgiving spotlights and I will be surrounded by skinny bitches in stilettos!  Hubby wants me to get it redone, but I’m not very confident that the outcome would be better.  (She’s not my usual hairdresser, but my old one has been in and out of the hospital lately.)  So do I just let her style my hair with a ton of hairspray on the day and live with it until my regular hairdresser is feeling better or do I ahem, prod her into redoing it and risk another disappointment?  And now of course, I have to find a dress to wear to the ceremony. I am not skinny, people, so I can’t just wear anything and call it a day, but I also don’t want to look like the mother of the bride either, you know what I mean?  People, it takes a team to get me camera ready! And yes, nominees have to pay for their own ticket and I’d like my husband to come with me and that means a sitter and you see where I’m going with this?  This one night could cost me a bundle.  Here I come, clearance racks!

Microblog Mondays – MMmm day

Microblog_MondaysI made it through my first Mother’s Day without my mum just fine.  I missed her, of course, I remembered all the years we’d take her out for lunch and bring her flowers.  It’s just weird, so much of my life revolved around her.  When she first went into care, I’d see her every day, then 2-3 times a week, maybe twice a week after we adopted our son.  And it was only after our recent move to the North Shore, did I finally cut visits down to once week  – 10 days.  And occasionally I find myself driving past where she used to reside and the nearby Starbucks where we used to hang out.  She never really belonged here, but she belongs in my heart forever.  I have so many pictures and videos of her to look at but it’s still hard to listen to singing.  She seems so alive.  Anyway….I sent my younger sister a bouquet of roses.  I know she was thinking about her a lot, too.

I did send flowers to my mother in law and though they were a day late (ahem 1800 flowers, I won’t be using you anymore cause it’s apparently impossible to get customer service on the phone), she really liked them.  And since we were staying home as per my request, hubby interpreted that as me wanting a low key day.  Of course, I love being spoiled but I knew from the busy week that that wasn’t going to happen.  I did enjoy a glorious sleep in!  Ah!  Now that was a gift!   A homemade gift (candleholder) and card from my son made at school came next.  I actually got it on Friday but I asked Boo to present the card to me all over again . I just love to ooh and ahh over whatever I get from my son.   We went out for breakfast and I raised my mimosa glass to make a toast and hubby interrupts to let me know I can’t my a toast on my own Mother’s Day.  Grrr.  Why yes I can, I say (I don’t believe he was going to) and I toasted my mother and Boo’s birthmother.  Gratitude is never out of style.

Then we went to Canadian Tire.  Apparently, it’s a Canadian tradition judging by the large crowds there.  Boo was doing his best to behave, but hubby had to take his squirmy butt out to see his cousins later, so I just went shopping for hanging baskets and plants.  I have to admit, it was nice to just browse in peace and quiet on my own.   Hubby was in a bit of a mood, not sure why, but I wasn’t in the mood to engage.  I’m sure he was just tired and the strain of dealing with a can’t sit still 6 yr old was wearing thin. The downside to running your own business is that you  a never really have a day off and your phone is always dinging and your to do list is endless.

I also received an email from my son’s birthmother.  I sent her flowers, as I do ever year. Then I replied and sent her some pics.   I always feel a bit odd about our email communication.  It’s sometimes hard to interpret emotions despite emojis and exclamation marks.  I’ve written posts about it that just stayed in my draft folder.  Though, when we were reminiscing about Grandma, Boo wondered what the names of his other grandparents were, the ones from the “girl who gave birth to me”.  And I didn’t know.

Unfortunately, I heard my mother-in-laws other son hurt his back and couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with her so I think they are all coming here this coming weekend.  Hubby’s work schedule is once again very heavy so it would be easier if they came our way.  I will treat my lovely MIL to afternoon tea at a fancy hotel.  I know hubby will be exhausted but he always perks up for his family.

And now back to the to do list…..