Microblog Mondays – Beauty is $$$

Microblog_MondaysYours truly has been nominated for a Leo Award for Best Actress in a Web Series!  How exciting!  The  Leos are a BC industry event, it’s not televised, but it’s still a big deal.  It’s great to be acknowledged by one’s peers. At first, I was really pleased and I adored the congratulations. And now, I’m  a bit stressed out.

I recently had my hair done (in a weave), and unfortunately I’m not too happy about the result (in hopes of getting new headshots). And yes,  it’s my fault cause I told her I wanted my hair left out at the front but she left a LOT OUT and she insisted it would look good and I could wear my hair up, but my hair is quite thin and it’s not even close to the picture I showed her.   I returned to the hairdresser the day of the shoot to see if she could fix it but really, she’d have to redo the whole thing and frankly, I’m out of money. The hairdresser on set made me look really good, but I shouldn’t have to work that hard every time I leave the house.  And I don’t normally, but at an industry event, there will be bright, unforgiving spotlights and I will be surrounded by skinny bitches in stilettos!  Hubby wants me to get it redone, but I’m not very confident that the outcome would be better.  (She’s not my usual hairdresser, but my old one has been in and out of the hospital lately.)  So do I just let her style my hair with a ton of hairspray on the day and live with it until my regular hairdresser is feeling better or do I ahem, prod her into redoing it and risk another disappointment?  And now of course, I have to find a dress to wear to the ceremony. I am not skinny, people, so I can’t just wear anything and call it a day, but I also don’t want to look like the mother of the bride either, you know what I mean?  People, it takes a team to get me camera ready! And yes, nominees have to pay for their own ticket and I’d like my husband to come with me and that means a sitter and you see where I’m going with this?  This one night could cost me a bundle.  Here I come, clearance racks!


11 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Beauty is $$$

  1. Congrats!!! This is awesome and you should feel amazing. Also, do they have Rent the Runway in Canada? I’m looking into it for a wedding and the dresses are really nice – you just have to return them after wearing, but the cost is a fraction of what you would normally pay. Just don’t spill anything 😉

  2. I was going to suggest renting a dress as well. It’s a great option if you want to wear a dress that you would never be able to afford. About the hair- this is a pretty big deal… I think I would probably go ahead and get it redone. Can you go somewhere else maybe? Can someone recommend a trustworthy hairdresser for you? I don’t blame you for being stressed out- I would be, too! But congratulations! There is nothing better than being recognized for a job well done!

  3. Re: the dress: Once in a while you can hit the jackpot at somewhere like Winners or Marshalls. (Or do they have a Holts or Saks discount outlet in Vancouver yet, for something a little more upscale?) There was a Winners at Scotia Plaza that I used to frequent on my lunch hours — 9.5 out of 10 things that I tried on there looked like crap. But every now & then…! I scored a dress for a wedding there for $39 a few years ago, and you wouldn’t believe how many compliments I got on it. I actually wore it to two weddings that season, and I’m planning on wearing it to another wedding in June. (If it still fits — eekkk…)

    • I’m looking, I’m looking. Can’t find a place to rent a dress. No Holts or Saks discount outlet here. And of course, I’m looking for a size 14 in this city. Sigh. I’ve seen quite a few things I can wear for a wedding, but not an awards ceremony….still looking.

  4. Congrats on the nomination!! That is totally awesome!! I agree about renting a dress, if you can! Plus, you definitely get your hair re-done! You want to feel fabulous for this!!

  5. The award is exciting, but so much stress. I would do whatever you need to do to feel your best that night. When you feel self-conscious, it comes through. And it’s such a happy occassion.

  6. That is really weird that you have to pay for your ticket when you’re a nominee. What? Crazy. I’m so sorry about the hair–that stinks when you think you’re getting something great and your hair person lets you down. The idea of being under a harsh spotlight and surrounded by tiny people in stilettos makes me sweat and I don’t have to do it… Good luck! (And I’m late so I know you got a killer dress, congrats!)

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