Microblog Mondays – Glamour edition

It’s been a little crazy around here…

  • lots of auditions, callbacks, positive feedback and….crickets.
  • Yes, I went to another hairdresser, one I had used years ago and she gave me exactly what I wanted!  Finally!  And hubby was insistent he pay for it. Yes, he did not like the previous handiwork at all and I noticed the definite lack of compliments from anyone.
  • a fabulous evening at an award show.  My girlfriend helped me find a lovely, cranberry red sequin Ralph Lauren sequin dress.  On sale! Awesome.  And a black dress with a little bit of sequins.  Since I couldn’t make up my mind, I bought both, but really 2 glamorous Ralph Lauren dresses for $200?  I just had to.  Hubby liked the black one, but really, how many opportunities am I going to get like this?  So I chose the red one – even Boo advised me that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it’s what I want to wear. Let’s face I already stand out in a crowd, so why not go all the way.  Sadly I did not win, nor did our show win any awards.  But I had an really fun night out.  And my hair looked great.
  • Hubby had minor surgery for a pilonidal cyst.  He was doing quite well until he fell off his hoverboard (I know, I know, what made him think that was a great idea?!) chasing after our son (who thanks to his generous uncle, now has a damn hoverboard too!) So needless to say sitting through a long evening was not that much fun for him.  But he did it and I’m glad he was there.
  • The paperwork for Mum’s estate is just about done.  And then of course, I find out the government takes 17 weeks to get a tax clearance certificate issued.  WTF?  I’m going back to the lawyers to make sure we get an early disbursement done.  I can’t take this shit anymore.  I just want it over and done with.  You have no idea how much time and aggravation that has been. For the love of Pete, please make sure your parents have a will done!
  • My whole goal last week was to attend the award show and be victorious no matter what – and I was!



8 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Glamour edition

  1. YAY! I am so glad that you not only decided to get your hair done but that found someone to fix the other person’s mistakes. And that you felt gorgeous at the award ceremony. How many times in life do we get to be celebrated like that? And you grabbed it with both hands.

  2. Gorgeous dress! And how lovely to find a hairdresser who gets it right. It stinks when people don’t get your hair, and good hair can make such a difference! I’m glad you had a great time at the awards ceremony. Hooray for glamour!

  3. LOVE that red sequined dress! Awesome choice! Sounds like a very up and down week, but it sounds like you appreciated the highs, and dealt with the lows. Kudos to being victorious in the most important way possible!

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