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Microblog Mondays – More gigs!

I am so freaking tickled pink that I am a working actress! I had honestly forgotten what it felt like.  And to get to work with Donald Sutherland – OMG!  He is so gracious and charming!  I really had to work hard to just concentrate on my work instead of acting like an idiot around him.  I mean, he’s a Canadian icon!  I honestly haven’t met that many well known actors that I am genuinely moved to act like a moron around because I am so impressed by their talent.  I am really grateful to be able to work with him even in such a small capacity.

And to boot, I had another audition, this time a theatre one, then a callback the next day – and guess what!  I got it!!!  So next spring I will be on stage. I will fill you in when it gets closer to the time!  This is so awesome.