A woman my age is damn busy

Oh, gack it’s been a while.  That’s an understatement.  I’ve also switched to using a tablet for all things non business( instead of my trusty full to the brim laptop ) so I don’t write very much.  I can’t touch type on my phone or my tablet.  But this morning, hubby is away for a couple of days for a work and the kid is on summer holiday and is currently asleep (pretty sure it will be for 30 more seconds because I have started this) and so now I feel compelled to write.

Here’s life in bullet points.

  • I quit Weight watchers in June.  Honestly, I just couldn’t stand the slow weight loss.  It’s not their fault, of course, I just got tired of eating frozen Weight Watchers food and counting points.  I have neither the planning skills or the patience to make up an interesting menu for myself while trying to cook for husband and a picky eater.   I lost 5 lbs after months of counting points and starving only to see the scale creep back up.  Now of course, I’m back to the weight that got me going there in the first place.
  • Around Mother’s Day I heard from Boo’s bio mom and she wanted to get our address (that she had but misplaced) so she could send a gift.  Of course, this necessitated a long conversation with my husband who wanted to know what the gift was and all the while I’m thinking it’s not about the gift it’s about wanting more contact and what does that mean when we’ve never actually had much contact.  I actually got husband to go to a seminar about Adoption and Trauma.  I felt it was really important that we be on the same page about how we navigate forward with our son.  I also talked to a friend about what her open adoption looks like.
  • Then not long after, we had a psycho-educational assessment done with Boo for his educational delays.  We waited months for this (through the school system as we would not have to pay for it then) and shockingly we got it before the school year was out.  That saved us a couple thousand if not more had we had paid privately.  He has a learning disability, mild dyslexia with low scores in the visual spatial area and fine motor skills.  Great scores for vocabulary.  Though he has come a long way with his reading, there was scant time to work with him at home with math and writing.  He will be going to a new school for 3 months this coming fall for intensive learning before rejoining his classmates at his present school.
  • Oh, yeah, did I mention Boo asked us what the “N” word was?
  • I’ve been auditioning like crazy, got 2 days on a gig (one night away out of town – yay!) and on a short list for a project I really want to do.
  • oh, yeah, and I’m also the coordinator for my Buddhist group, a vice chair on a diversity and inclusion committee at the actor’s union and possibly more….

I have a lot more to say on the above but got to get moving….




3 thoughts on “A woman my age is damn busy

  1. Whoa, you ARE busy! And there’s some intense stuff in there. I’m glad you got the evaluation done speedily (once the wait was over) and you can get the services that will help Boo out. It’s amazing to see how kids grow with the right supports. I hope you work through the contact piece with Boo’s birthmom, so tricky when contact has been so sparse and then it seems that it will change. I don’t know from experience but one of my greatest fears when we were on this path was that we would have contact and then it would disappear or become irregular in some way that would be painful for my child. I can understand wanting to figure things out before moving forward, and getting more info on open adoption when that hasn’t been the situation so much. Oh man, the N word. That makes me sad. Congrats on the gigs and auditions all over the place! So glad to see an update!

  2. Always good to hear from you — you have been busy!! Glad you managed to get Boo tested sooner vs later, & I hope the intensive program helps. ❤

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