Working girl

So I’m officially a working actor. I’m on set today and no, I can’t tell you which show, but it’s a new one. A bit role but interesting how I got here. I actually booked multiple days on a TV movie but it conflicted with another gig for a day (recurring character) on a very popular show. I would have loved to have done it but I couldn’t turn down the bigger job. Strictly economic reasons. But the casting director needed someone to do this bit role in another show. So 10 minutes the deal was signed and 3 days later – here I am. Not a dream role but I’m so grateful to be working! My goal today is to create value and truly appreciate everyone around me.


One thought on “Working girl

  1. Congrats! Just shaking off the summer dust accumulated through a complicated move and taking a break to see what others are up to. Look forward to getting more engaged again. xo

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