This is all about one woman’s journey through infertility, adoption, seeking enlightenment and peace of mind.

The stats: married at 38, tried sex cause I heard that nasty rumour about getting pregnant that way, but no dice.  After a year, jumped into the medical breach with lots of hope and excitement.   3 IUI’s, 2 laps, 4 IVFS, 2 fresh, 2 frozen, lots of eggs but no implantation in rocky fibroidy soil.  Surgery on fibroids could have resulted in me not having a uterus, so not being urged in that direction, I elected to keep trying.  Yes, I did acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, LOTS of daimoku, naturopathic diets – even RELAXING.  No two lines for me.

Enter massive weight gain, depression, loss of faith and a yearning that I didn’t even know was possible.  Yeah, that includes moving on to adoption.  Another option I thought was going to work out quickly.  Haha. Enter the first sentence of this paragraph.  And just when I thought the end of the road was near…. well, we’ll see…..

We arrived home with our adopted son right before my self imposed deadline for waiting.  Can’t say I really enjoyed the whole adoption process but it did give me what I want – a child to parent.  Now the journey is about healing, learning to be a mother and navigate open adoption. And just for the record, I’m happy.


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  1. I’ve been reading your story for a long time now and would love a password. My husband and I just decided to move onto adoption after 3 failed IUIs and 5 failed IVFs.

  2. I have been reading your story for a while too and would love to read your pw protected posts. Can you e-mail me the password: kelly at digitalpembroke dot com? Thanks.

  3. I haven’t read your protected blog entry “If had known then, what I know now…” but I don’t think I have to to understand. As I offered before, you’re not alone. I applaud your honesty and willingness to share your story. If possible, I would like to read it.
    Email is aanagnostou226@gmail.com. Thanks.

  4. I’ve just found your blog and I’m so happy you’re a parent now! I agree with you that I would not want to go through the adoption process ever again – so stressful. But you are a family now and that’s the main thing when it’s all said and done. Congratulations!

  5. Hi,

    You are on my blogroll… we are kindred spirits. I married late but was already barren and unable to conceive. We have toddler twin sons via traditional surrogacy. I’ve written many truly soul-baring posts that I have “unpublished”. Heart rending and painful. I’d love the password for your entries that are probably much of the same.

    Hugs from one older mama to another!

  6. Hi:

    I popped over here on the recommendation of PaleMother. I have an almost 4 yr old son through IVF/PGD but another 5 rounds of IVF + 1 DE cycle did not produce a sibling. We are hoping to domestically adopt a newborn.

    I had fibroids removed twice (once after a radiologist told us to use my eggs and hire a surrogate. A-hole).

    I live in So CA and will be 45 (!) in May.

    I look forward to reading more…

  7. Wow. I started reading you blog last night. I ended up calling in a “work-from-home” day cause I was still reading.
    So many of your thoughts resonant with me, although my adoption journey began only 2 months ago, I wonder how I will manage to wait the three year wait our agency gave us. We are in the province east of BC, going through a private agency after years and years of IVF/IUI/Chinese herbs/acupuncture etc etc. I also made the mistake of thinking adoption would be the end of the waiting. Wow, I hate being this wrong.
    Point being, last week I could barely get my butt out of bed. And your blog has given me hope and some laughter. Thank you

  8. Hi,

    I have just discovered your blog, and it is riveting. Just an amazing story, and I love your writing. Could I possibly have the password?

    Many thanks, Tracey.

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