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Hey, everybody, let’s adopt!

Well, I suppose you’ve all heard about the Russian adoption story that is in the news.  I’ve read A & A’s take on it and she says it much better than I could.  She’s actually spent a great deal of time in Russia as well so her perspective is very interesting.  I can’t fathom “returning” a child but it’s not the first time I’ve heard of it. Perhaps Oprah will have her on for an interview.  She had Nadya Suleman on and asked her if she had ever considered putting any of her 14 children in foster care or adoption.  Seriously?  Just in case you missed it, Oprah, she paid big money to get knocked up.  And she got her wish, all under the age of 5.  I’m betting in a year she’s putting herself up for adoption.

Here’s another Russian adoption story that’s not going to get the same amount of press.  It reminded me of my recent post about people thinking I’m some sort of saint by adopting.  I’m sure there’s various reasons for people wanting to adopt internationally, but why do people insist that you “buy American” or “buy Canadian”?  They’re not cars, folks.  They’re not produce.  It’s not about reducing carbon footprints.  Mind you, that’s usually from people who have no idea what adoption truly entails, and have no intention of taking a child out of foster care  or an orphanage anyway.  That’s solely the responsibility of infertile people and celebrities.  Oh, and missionaries… don’t get me started.

More news on agency bankruptcy

Families hit by agency’s collapse.

Ethiopian kids in limbo

If you care to look at some of the comments made after the CBC article, this only highlights some of the attitudes that adoptive parents have to endure.  Yes, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but I would love it if people who have actually experienced adoption through the foster care system or otherwise, share their opinion, rather than people who have no clue.

I’m struggling so hard to make it through this waiting process, maintain positivity and optimism and endurance in the face of daunting challenges.  This is a given if you choose the path of overseas adoption.  I just had the “misfortune” to have to wait longer than a week.  Or a year.

Just adopt, my ass.

How does an adoption agency go broke?

Check out the news behind this adoption agency’s demise.  I believe this is the one that a friend of mine used for her adoption.  And guess what?  She’s in Africa right now with her new son awaiting a visa.  She basically just made it!  What about the other poor families who have yet to receive a referral, or worse, have one and don’t have their child yet?  I was reading some of the comments about this and of course, there’s the a**holes that say oh, why don’t they just adopt a baby at home?  Buy Canadian.  The government can bail out GM but screw the children.  Hello?????  What the freak do you think we were trying to do????  They have absolutely no idea of what it takes to adopt any child!  Ohmigod, don’t get me started!  Too late!!!  Of course, they don’t know that people would love to adopt a child in Canada, but can’t catch a break. The waiting lists are up to 8 years!  Hey, somebody give me a Canadian baby and we’ll be able to go to Disneyland after.   My profile is still languishing in a lawyer’s office somewhere in Toronto (note to self – send them an email to just forget about it).  Adoption is for rich people!?  What was I thinking?    Cause it’s only about the money, right?  Really?  That’s news to us and all the people I know who have begged, borrowed and cashed in everything they can to bring a child into their family.  I want a car to get from A to be but only a Maserati will do!  Screw the Ford.

I’m hyperventilating right now.

My heart is with all those families that have already invested their resources, their hearts and their hopes in bringing home a child and are caught up in this nightmare.