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Nature gal

Okay, bear with me, I’m trying to keep it light here, my back started giving me trouble on Monday and by the time I went to go the chiro yesterday, my right hip flexor was tighter than a drum.  I went for a long walk and then tried to put on my pants.  AHHHHH!  Not good.  I could barely driveI  ‘m now only mildy uncomfortable.  So on with JuJu Fridays!

This is where we go walking when we have the time. Pacific Spirit Park/UBC Endowment Lands. On Tuesday, we walked about 8km.

Endowment lands

Endowment lands

We often walk through our neighbourhood as Juno is quite shy and we’re trying to get her used to people and groups of squealing schoolchildren, etc.  However, there is nothing more peaceful or meditative than walking through here.  I’m not a huge nature person, in truth, I more of a smart cocktail lounge type of gal, but when you got a dog, you gotta walk somewhere.

Juno exploring a muddy puddle

Juno exploring a muddy puddle

This dog is no longer content with 20 minute walks and she’s quite happy to be gone for 2 hours at a time.

snacking the local foliage

snacking the local foliage

You can tell by the size of her I’m not exactly starving the dog, but she still feels the need to eat whatever she can get her muzzle on.

always on guard

always on guard

I would like to get a decent picture but my digital camera has this nasty habit of delaying and focusing when you press the button and so it almost always misses the precise moment you want to capture.  But doesn’t she look lovely amongst the autumn leaves?  Awwww.  Her face kinda looks like a greyhound, but I’ve been told collie/golden retriever but who knows?

Bizarre sights

Juno's scarNo uterus for Juno

Speaking as a woman, I don’t take it lightly that anyone or anything having their uterus removed.  Spayed.  Ewww.  The above, if you can’t figure it out, are shots of her belly.  The yellow stuff is the surgical antiseptic.  Juno is doing well.  She can’t stand very long and it’s hot as Hades here at the moment.  Vancouverites don’t do well in extreme heat.  It melts our frappuccinos too quickly.   So far, the elevator is working, but I’m not sure if it will last the day.  Did I mention I tweaked my back again lifting her out of the car?  Yep.  All 47 pounds of her.  When will I ever learn?  She also had her two upper baby canines removed (to allow her new ones room) at the same time.    Ka ching!  I have to say that having another dog has made me a little more cautious with their health care.  We have the expensive vet and the cheap vet.  They’re both good, but one tends to cover all the bases and the other is more likely to not charge you for every little thing and recommend a test for this and that.

Oh, I didn’t forget the day of Sampson’s passing, I think about him every day.  This time last year, he was gone from our lives.  No more fireworks noise to upset him, no more panting through hot days.   Hubby has learned the hard way to let me have my way when it comes to the dog’s health.  He tends to underplay everything and I zero in on it and I operate on gut feelings.  He once brought Sampson home with a gaping hole in his mouth and said it was nothing.  He somehow missed the signs of shock and pain.  Duh!  In his world, dogs take their knocks and then walk it off.  In my world, they go to the vet and get treated for gaping wounds and pain relief.   Now he compliments me on my well honed nurturing skills.

And now for another bizarre sight – the day we had that incredible thunderstorm.  I didn’t get any lightening shots, but this is what the sky looked like.

orange sky

Crazy, eh?

The twins

Didn’t make it to yoga yesterday morning but Juno had the touch of the squitters so I elected to stay home and keep an eye on her.  She’s fine, hubby likes to give her things like buffalo bones and they don’t always agree with her.  Miss Juno has a delicate tummy, you see, and she’s been throwing up lately.  Nothing serious, just bile, but it seems to be related to whatever she gets her little mouth on – like eating the cover off a tennis ball, duck poo, said buffalo bones and Terra bones (which never bothered her before, and they’re supposed to be organic treats for dogs but whatever).

So Miss Pessimistic Paranoid (that’s me on the subject of getting a baby) was having a teary fit on her occasional days of work.  I’ve already figured out an exit strategy to avoid telling people the unfortunate news.  I’m going to Bali – Ubud to be specific and I’m going to stay at the Tegal Sari. It’s a local accommodation situated next door to rice paddies, not one worthy of terrorists blowing up.  I’ll be staying for 5 weeks I think – with massages every other day.  The local women will tut tut my sad, childless state and tell me to eat some strange herb.  I’ll do a colonic cleansing – which I swore I’d never do in this lifetime – and go on a master cleanse (another thing I swore I’d never do).  For that, I’ll just have to drink the local water, that should do the trick.  I will lose 15 pounds instantly.  I’ll call on every healer on the island to work their juju on me.  Then I will eat everything that isn’t nailed down.  Should I take a lover?  That could be dicey since I’m married, but hubby will be sad and stoned most likely, so perhaps he won’t mind.  Then I’ll come home, write a book, and go on Oprah and be famous for 15 minutes.   The end.  Please note I have no intention of getting a fertility clinic somewhere to knock me up at the age of 60.

Miss Full of Faith and Optimism also has a plan.  She is much stronger and won’t give in to stinkin’  thinkin’.  She’ll keep busy, keep away from horror stories on the net and take care of her health so that she can pick up her kid and not throw her back out.  She’ll work hard, make money and read bedtime stories with dramatic flair. She’ll hang out with her friend at the local Starbucks with gigantic strollers blocking the path and bitch about being tired and finding the right nanny/au pair so we can get our pedicures done in peace.  We’ll pretend they’ll grow up together, fall in love and make mocha babies.  Oh, yes, I’m sure my friends’ baby is a girl, she hasn’t mentioned anything yet but I bet ya they know the sex and aren’t saying anything to me cause it’s a girl.

I need to flesh out more details on the good news dream.  This is my one big regret:  this is not who I was 5 years ago.  The uber positive, good things happen to good people woman.  Buddhism teaches that no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages;  that I shouldn’t abandon faith just because it seems the gods have forsaken me.  This matter of infertility and childlessness has been my companion for so long, that’s it’s difficult for me to perceive a life without either of these things being my focus.  Even if I don’t talk about it much, even if I don’t feel sad about it, it’s like this background noise that I can never quite tune out.

I also want to say thank you for all your support now and in the future.  Cause I’m going to need it folks.  And now for something that just makes me smile.


One officially adopted dog