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ICLW day

Yes, if any of you have come to visit from ICLW, you will see a lot of protected posts.  I am in the midst of an open adoption, so to prevent my head from exploding, I’ve written stuff pertaining to that ball of yarn and put it there.  I’m aware that the internet is quite public and though only one person in real life has fessed up to finding me, I’m sure others may not appreciate my biased point of view.  What’s in there?  Well, if you really want to know, email me, but it’s basically baby mamma drama and my last nerve snapping.  It’s what happens after 6 years of trying to build a family.

My stats are in the street cred page.  I’m one of those cautionary tales, IVF didn’t work for me, and now I’m in the 2nd year stretch of waiting to adopt.  2 more months.  Without medication.  Am I crazy or what?  I’ve elected to keep the faith and walk in the sunshine.