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I heart Victoria’s Secret

Oh, I forgot tell you – this should have gone in yesterday’s post – I bought a Victoria’s Secret bra in NYC – Body by Victoria demi unlined – for the curious.  I just went in with my friend and told  a very knowledgeable saleswoman that I needed to replace the one I had which was worn out.    Of course, I had just missed the clearance sale, so they had the new models in.  I picked up a black one in my size, bought it and left.  No, I did not try it on, it was a zoo in there, and I didn’t want to be there all day.  I put it on later at the hotel, fits perfectly.  Except for one thing.  It squeaks.  Yep, like mice.  The underwire.  No time to take it back.  I try it on again, still squeaks.  I go into the living room and go to pick up my laptop.  Squeak, squeak.  I can’t go out like this.  So I figure, I just paid $42 and now I’m screwed cause I’m going to have to post it back and beg my girlfriend to return it for me.  But I call Victoria Secret and I tell my sad story to a customer service rep.  Silence on the other end. I feel like an idiot.   So I put my phone on speaker and pick up the lively thing and move it around.  It squeaks.  The customer service reps starts laughing and admits she had never heard of a bra squeaking.  She gives me 3 options, I can receive a gift card for the said amount, to be used online for anything, or the next time I visit the States or… she can send me a new bra, free of charge.  I say, send me the bra.  I just want a bra.  She didn’t even want me to send the bra back with the receipt.

I love Victoria’s Secret.  Even if I don’t morph into one of their gorgeous models when I put the stuff on.

Bizarre sights

Juno's scarNo uterus for Juno

Speaking as a woman, I don’t take it lightly that anyone or anything having their uterus removed.  Spayed.  Ewww.  The above, if you can’t figure it out, are shots of her belly.  The yellow stuff is the surgical antiseptic.  Juno is doing well.  She can’t stand very long and it’s hot as Hades here at the moment.  Vancouverites don’t do well in extreme heat.  It melts our frappuccinos too quickly.   So far, the elevator is working, but I’m not sure if it will last the day.  Did I mention I tweaked my back again lifting her out of the car?  Yep.  All 47 pounds of her.  When will I ever learn?  She also had her two upper baby canines removed (to allow her new ones room) at the same time.    Ka ching!  I have to say that having another dog has made me a little more cautious with their health care.  We have the expensive vet and the cheap vet.  They’re both good, but one tends to cover all the bases and the other is more likely to not charge you for every little thing and recommend a test for this and that.

Oh, I didn’t forget the day of Sampson’s passing, I think about him every day.  This time last year, he was gone from our lives.  No more fireworks noise to upset him, no more panting through hot days.   Hubby has learned the hard way to let me have my way when it comes to the dog’s health.  He tends to underplay everything and I zero in on it and I operate on gut feelings.  He once brought Sampson home with a gaping hole in his mouth and said it was nothing.  He somehow missed the signs of shock and pain.  Duh!  In his world, dogs take their knocks and then walk it off.  In my world, they go to the vet and get treated for gaping wounds and pain relief.   Now he compliments me on my well honed nurturing skills.

And now for another bizarre sight – the day we had that incredible thunderstorm.  I didn’t get any lightening shots, but this is what the sky looked like.

orange sky

Crazy, eh?