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I heart Victoria’s Secret

Oh, I forgot tell you – this should have gone in yesterday’s post – I bought a Victoria’s Secret bra in NYC – Body by Victoria demi unlined – for the curious.  I just went in with my friend and told  a very knowledgeable saleswoman that I needed to replace the one I had which was worn out.    Of course, I had just missed the clearance sale, so they had the new models in.  I picked up a black one in my size, bought it and left.  No, I did not try it on, it was a zoo in there, and I didn’t want to be there all day.  I put it on later at the hotel, fits perfectly.  Except for one thing.  It squeaks.  Yep, like mice.  The underwire.  No time to take it back.  I try it on again, still squeaks.  I go into the living room and go to pick up my laptop.  Squeak, squeak.  I can’t go out like this.  So I figure, I just paid $42 and now I’m screwed cause I’m going to have to post it back and beg my girlfriend to return it for me.  But I call Victoria Secret and I tell my sad story to a customer service rep.  Silence on the other end. I feel like an idiot.   So I put my phone on speaker and pick up the lively thing and move it around.  It squeaks.  The customer service reps starts laughing and admits she had never heard of a bra squeaking.  She gives me 3 options, I can receive a gift card for the said amount, to be used online for anything, or the next time I visit the States or… she can send me a new bra, free of charge.  I say, send me the bra.  I just want a bra.  She didn’t even want me to send the bra back with the receipt.

I love Victoria’s Secret.  Even if I don’t morph into one of their gorgeous models when I put the stuff on.

Petty injustices

I wrote a letter to SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest)  when hubby talked to them about registering for a promo that allowed double credit for stays at SPG hotels.  The promo started the day he left, of course, and we got the flyer in the mail  just this past Monday.  They told him that the credits were not retroactive.  Okay, fine, but we didn’t get any notice prior to September 28th.  So in essence, a segment of their client base was effectively out of luck if they had stayed at one of their hotels in the previous two weeks.  Now before I had a chance to mail/email my scathing letter, hubby informs me the next day that it appears they went ahead and gave him the extra credits.  Why do I care so much?  Well, it may come in handy in the coming months.  If we can get an approximate date of the baby’s arrival, then we can book flights ahead of time.  And we may be able to use the credits for hotel stays.  Because of hubby’s business travel, airline miles and hotels credits come in handy.  It allowed us to supplement our trip to Europe last year, and took care of my trips to Toronto to care for my dying friend and the subsequent funeral.   Sometimes these airline and hotel reward programs –  who always tell you how much they want to reward you for YOUR LOYALTY (and CASH)-  have so many terms and conditions in fine print that it’s often quite difficult to redeem the rewards.  It was a damn good letter – to the president.

Update on the man yelling at me for supposedly not picking up after my dog:  I got an email from the company with an attached letter that will be mailed to me.  In it, the supervisor apologizes on behalf of the company for the driver’s outburst and informed  me of a formal complaint on record. The driver took immediate responsibility and  also wrote a handwritten letter to me apologizing for his behaviour.  Wow.  I replied that I accepted his sincere apology.

Now if I could write a letter to the zit on my lipline.