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Life of luxury

It has been raining like the dickens here lately.  so go to show and Tell.  Yesterday afternoon it was so cold and so rainy but I suited up and took Miss Juno to the park where we encountered another man and his dog (cause who else but dog owners would be out in that dark and dreary misery).  They played for a bit, but even they called it a night and my dog had no interest in going home.  So we kept walking and 45 minutes later, hands freezing, I dragged her all the way home.  If there was a person, stroller or other dog she could find to stop and stare at, she did.  My punishment for only a 20 min. walk in the morning.  I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do once I get a baby, but we’ll see.

I’m way behind today on posting – was on the phone – then I had to take Juno out for her morning outing.  We ran into a nice owner and her dog, Emma (don’t ask me what the woman’s name is, I forget), and they romped and played in the mud.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have camera in tow to show you how absolutely filthy she got.  She had fun and then I’ve been cleaning either her or the apartment ever since. So I’ll share a photo of her waking up beside me last week.


Little Miss JuJu better enjoy these precious few days while she can before she gets bumped down the pack order.