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I heart Victoria’s Secret

Oh, I forgot tell you – this should have gone in yesterday’s post – I bought a Victoria’s Secret bra in NYC – Body by Victoria demi unlined – for the curious.  I just went in with my friend and told  a very knowledgeable saleswoman that I needed to replace the one I had which was worn out.    Of course, I had just missed the clearance sale, so they had the new models in.  I picked up a black one in my size, bought it and left.  No, I did not try it on, it was a zoo in there, and I didn’t want to be there all day.  I put it on later at the hotel, fits perfectly.  Except for one thing.  It squeaks.  Yep, like mice.  The underwire.  No time to take it back.  I try it on again, still squeaks.  I go into the living room and go to pick up my laptop.  Squeak, squeak.  I can’t go out like this.  So I figure, I just paid $42 and now I’m screwed cause I’m going to have to post it back and beg my girlfriend to return it for me.  But I call Victoria Secret and I tell my sad story to a customer service rep.  Silence on the other end. I feel like an idiot.   So I put my phone on speaker and pick up the lively thing and move it around.  It squeaks.  The customer service reps starts laughing and admits she had never heard of a bra squeaking.  She gives me 3 options, I can receive a gift card for the said amount, to be used online for anything, or the next time I visit the States or… she can send me a new bra, free of charge.  I say, send me the bra.  I just want a bra.  She didn’t even want me to send the bra back with the receipt.

I love Victoria’s Secret.  Even if I don’t morph into one of their gorgeous models when I put the stuff on.