You talking to me?

Oh, yeah, I busted in the front door yesterday.  Wha?  Wha?  Wha?  I was going to go to my friend’s place, just to get out of the damn house really, so I took the Precious and the dog for a short walk around the block.  Then I dragged the Bob up the stairs (as I do everyday) and proceeded to put my key in the door.  The deadlock turned but the doorknob did not.  That should have been my first clue.  I tried repeatedly to open the door, even pushing my shoulder into the door a couple of times.  Then I bumped the stroller back down the stairs, go round the back and go in the back door.  Of course, I know already that I locked the door to the basement (cause I do it every day after DH leaves for the day), but what the hell, maybe I was mistaken.  Turns out, I was not. So technically, I was back in the house, but my purse was still out of reach for me and there was no food downstairs.

So I go back out to the front again.  I call DH after I try once again to get in the front door.  The kid starts squawking from his stroller at the bottom of the stairs.  I go back down and bring him up.   That of course, means I have to go all the way downtown, pick him up and drive him back down again. I just want to get my purse so I can to my friend’s place.  So of course, I try one more time, pressing my shoulder into the door rather firmly. I did not, I repeat, did not take a run at it or anything. I just leaned.

Crack!  Ooops.  My text alert goes off, it’s DH. He says come get him, he’ll deal with it.  Too late.  The right side of the door frame is definitely split – not too bad, it’s not like it’s hanging off, and I try to explain this to DH, but it’s something that needs to be seen.  Wow, bad back or not, I’m stronger than I think.  My morning is now shot to hell, so I call my friend who starts to laugh, and then I go fetch DH.  He thought it was pretty funny too.  He just changed his clothes and actually nailed the frame back together.  Problem solved and the door closes just fine.

Don’t fuck with me house, I will break you.

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