Microblog Mondays – Out on the Town

Microblog_MondaysI went to the wrap party Sunday night with the famous director I told you about.  I did ask hubby to go with me and even lined up a friend to sit Boo for a few hours.  I thought it would be nice to get out and have a few drinks (free!) and relax.  Hubby was underwhelmed with the idea and expressed that those parties were boring and suggested I take my girlfriend instead.  I don’t know how he missed the point.  It wasn’t lost on my girlfriend.  Wrap parties aren’t that big a deal to me anymore because I’ve been to my share of them and when you just a have a role that lasts only one day, it’s not like you to get to know anybody. I just wanted to go out to a cool Gastown pub and enjoy a summer evening; let the director know it had been a pleasure; maybe even bump onto someone I know.

When we arrived he was talking to a woman who turned out to be one of the producers and we waited for an appropriate time to jump in so I could thank him and introduce him to my friend. We chatted for a bit and then the producer promptly cut us out of the conversation by directing a comment directly to him. I’m sure she didn’t mean it but it really did seem as if she were done with us. Of course, I ignored her slight and ended the conversation on my terms and thanked them both for letting me be part of the project and went to the patio. Yet said famous director was lovely to me and was gracious and kind.   It was one of those moments when you just check with your friend to make sure that yes, indeed, that person just cut you out of the conversation as if you weren’t there. Perhaps she thought we had interrupted her, but really, it’s a wrap party and when every actor in town would cut off their leg to work with this guy, it’s just normal that people want to talk to him. I directed all my comments to both of them.   It’s called socializing and if you show up as host at your own event, you talk to people you hired.

Anyways, my friend and I did have a couple of drinks and caught up on a lovely summer evening. It was really nice.  I have to admit though, I was a little sad that my husband didn’t jump at the chance to spend a rare night out with me. Oh, well, his loss. I looked great.


4 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – Out on the Town

  1. Thank you for giving us this insider look at this famous director. It’s good to know that he’s kind as well as talented (even if the producer couldn’t manage to come down from her lofty position to talk with *gasp* the little people).

  2. It’s sad for both of you that he missed out, but good on you for ending the conversation on your terms. For what it’s worth, and I’m not a social person at all, I would have come to the party just for the novelty of it. And because I bet you have good stories in your back pocket.

  3. Sometimes I just NEED dh to be with me, even though I know he’s going to be bored. And sometimes he even winds up having a mildly amusing time of it. Yes, his loss. I’m sorry the producer was such an a-hole, but glad the director was gracious to you, & you managed to end the conversation on a good note.

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