Microblog Mondays – A Vacation from my Vacation

This past weekend was the first time I actually turned down going to visit the inlaws.  We had the weekend marked on the calendar for quite some time as there was an model airplane show in town.  My FIL builds and flies model airplanes.  All I could think was oh wouldn’t it be nice if I just said no thanks you guys go on ahead.  So I did.  Hubby and son were supposed to go just til Sunday but ferry traffic was so bad they didn’t actually come back til this morning.  Can I say “Yay!”  or maybe even a little “squee!”?  I couldn’t talk hubby into taking the dog but they were taking the car and that has no air conditioning.

So I luxuriated in some glorious alone time. And by that, I mean I cleaned the house, vacuumed and bought groceries.   I did a 3 hr chant Saturday morning with some Buddhist buddies and then aside from the usual errands, I did SFA.  (Sweet Fuck All)  Loved it!  I also had a massage and facial. I stayed up late and slept in!  No one was dropping crap all over the floor and expecting someone else to pick it up.  I fed myself and the dog.  No one complained. No one asked anything of me.   I didn’t have to drop what I was doing on anyone else’s schedule.  I can’t tell how restful that was.  I highly recommend it.

Oh, and yesterday was my mum’s birthday.  I bought her flowers and toasted her with a Corona.  My Buddhist friend said I should chant for her new emergence in this world with great parents and better circumstances, ready to start her kindergarten in a way.  I saw her all fresh faced, with smooth, greased plaits and all attitude.  She was happy.

I miss her.

9 thoughts on “Microblog Mondays – A Vacation from my Vacation

  1. Oh, what a beautiful, unplanned free day! It sounds like you sucked the marrow right out of it. Happy birthday to your mom, what a lovely way to honor her, with a Corona and a chant. Beautiful image of her, by the way.

  2. Sending a hug for the ending. But the vacation from your vacation sounds positively heavenly. I want two days of that. Though I fear I would use them poorly.

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