Microblog Monday – And so it begins….

Microblog_MondaysAs for New Year’s resolutions, I haven’t really made any – well, the usual, lose weight, be a better person, blah, blah, blah. I kinda told myself to stop complaining.  I know what it’s like being henpecked, and I can’t stand it so I shouldn’t start it, right?  Hubby is home f/t now, no immediate contracts on the horizon, and I have to admit, it’s hard work not complaining.  From the way he keeps leaving the dishtowels on the fridge door instead of the oven door, to watching him clean up raw meat juice with the kitchen sponge (why don’t you just say you want to make us all violently ill) and then not even bothering to empty the dishwasher even though he’s been home all day and I’ve been laundry, taking the kid to school, walking the dog, and doing the grocery shopping.  I know he’s been “working”, but playing games on your tablet doesn’t really count, does it? So instead of complaining I told him I couldn’t get the dishwasher open so he comes over and the rack slides out just fine and then I mildly suggest that while he’s there, he might as well empty it.

I’m not going to make it to Friday, am I?


4 thoughts on “Microblog Monday – And so it begins….

  1. I have the same issue. Well we have the same issue. S hated the way I do dishes and I hate the way he does dishes. He also nags me about turning off lights and I nag him about picking up his clothes. Universal, I’m afraid. Grit your teeth, breathe deep!

  2. I can relate. It’s been an adjustment for both dh & me, being at home together full time. Only he’s been at home longer than me, so it’s more like I’m invading HIS space & disrupting HIS routines, lol. So far we’re both still here. 😉 Good luck!

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