Microblog Mondays – Starving artist

Not sure why it took 6 weeks to lose almost 5 lbs and 1 week to gain a pound.  Oh, yeah, I know the program works if you work the program and yes I’ve been cheating here and there so I deserve the gain.  Sigh.  I’m starving.  I can only work out one day a week as my rehearsals are all day and by the time I get home (after stopping for groceries, etc), I’m done.   I had a Haagen Dazs bar one night when a friend came over – and you know what, I wasn’t hungry anymore.  Full fat actually satiates.

Good news is that I’ve started rehearsals for a play which will be premiering mid March.  So happy!!!!  And it’s a real actual theatre job for which I get paid!!!    It will require major juggling between me and hubby’s chaotic schedule and I still haven’t got a sitter yet. Also, the dog had dental surgery, she’s fine now, she’s just eating soft kibble and wet dog food.    And my mother’s estate is almost settled.



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