Archive | January 27, 2010

Furry baby

Yesterday started off promising – the sun was shining – and I thought oh, great, we’ll go for a nice walk in the trails today.  Right after I finished feeding the Precious, JuJu got all frantic, I had to ditch the kid to take her outside.  You guessed it, diarrhea!  Swell.  And then she pukes bile.   And of course, lots of people passing by.  I hate that but I just had to kick some dirt over it.  Can’t really pick it up, can I?  So back inside as quick as I can, the  baby is talking to himself in his bassinet.  I get ready for the day and put the kid in the Baby Bjorn and out we go.  Poor Juju went again and well, this time, there was a bit of blood.  Blood.  I tried not to freak out.  Called the hubby, called the vet who said blood in diarrhea wasn’t unusual and as long as the dog was acting normally, it could wait til the next day.  Hmmm.  I kept walking, trying to be calm.

10 minutes later, the dog goes again and this time blood is dripping from her behind.  RED BLOOD.  She’s not in any pain at all.  Be calm, I thought, she probably ate a stick or perhaps a bit of her bone scratched her insides or whatever. Don’t panic, she appears fine. Her usual sketchy self.    5 minutes later, she throws up clear spit.  I call the vet and this time I get an appointment for later that day.  If I could have teleported myself there, I would have.  She’ s still acting fine and normal so I keep going, but I’m freaked out and pretending not to be freaked out.  By the time we’re done, I realize that the baby’s hat is now missing.  ARGGH!  You know it had to be the really cute wool one with ears that was a gift and was probably one of those trendy booths from Granville Island.

So I go immediately BACK AROUND the loop again, chanting and swivelling my head around looking for the hat.  I did not find it.  So I got upset – I did not veer off the trail at all – who takes a baby hat?!  There were lots of people out, joggers everywhere because it was such a nice day.  If I had found a random baby item, I would simply pick it up and put it on a bench, hoping the owner would come back and get it, but I’m not sure I would have gone to the trouble to turn it into the parks board.

I obsessed about THAT cause I was really worried about the dog.  My last dog died of internal bleeding and you know I had THAT nightmare running in my head.  I checked her gums, all fine, I knew that as long as she was acting normally, she was just fine, but still….

Hubby came home early and with a list of symptoms and questions to ask, he took her to the vet.  He came home with some anti diarrhea pills.  She ate, she drank, she slept.  Hubby, having been told that there would be no homemade dinner that night, picked up my mum and Swiss Chalet and all was fine in my world.  Mum even sang that night.  I have no idea of what is going to happen when the Precious gets a fever.  Well, yes, I do – I’m going to be calm, cool and collected while I drive to the emergency department and god help hubby if he tries to tell me it’s NOTHING.